It has been 20 years since Blahndo Miller and Yuli Peled have seen each other, and when one day Yuli returns, she flips Blahndo’s simple life updside-down. The same freckle-faced, green-eyed girl he knew then- who led him on adventures for treasures with pirates, or missions against Russian spies- is now returning with the full splendor of a smart, funny, clever, saucy and lively young woman, who captures his heart, and leads him through completely new adventures.  But how simple is Blahndo’s life, really, when he is always surrounded by a cast of strange, funny (and sometimes a bit crazy) relatives and friends?


BLANDO shifts between the present and the past.  In the dimension of the present, Blahndo’s relationship with Yuli and his eccentric relatives advances with humor, wit and romance. The dimension of the past is constructed out of memories from of Blahndo’s childhood, which are elicited by Blahndo’s experiences in the present. These stories are told from the point of view of Blahndo as a child, and so everything is magical, playful, vivid and larger than life, similar to the style seen in the movie “Big Fish”. They can be his own childhood memories (a ride in a time machine built by his strange, scientist-uncle Oscar) or fantastic stories from his relative’s lives seen through his own childhood imagination (such as the time his grandparents built a raft and sailed it from Corfu in Greece to Israel, accompanied by the ghost of a known pirate, or of the smartest man in the world who knows the answer to every question, whom his grandparents met when they were young). 


BLANDO is full of spice, humor, imagination, and romance. It depicts childhood love that doesn’t go away despite the passing of years, and the wonderful bond between a child and his relatives.  It is the story of the innocence and magic of childhood, about imagination that knows no limits, the sadness of loosing faith on one hand, and the strength of faith on the other, the power of memories, of dreams and journeys, pirates and fairies and giants and magical forests.  Historically real characters such as Baron Rothschild, Nicola Tesla, Calico Jack and others that interact with the fictional characters fuse reality with imagination, creating a world that readers of all ages will enjoy. The novel takes place mainly in Israel, but spans the world in places such as Greece, England, Poland, and Italy. People who enjoyed Meir Shalev’s books, would enjoy BLANDO.


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When the ever-so-simple Eel left his dark cave, on the bottom a dark, unknown ocean, packed his suitcase and moved into the forest, he never thought he would find himself being dragged on a wild adventure in search of a Dreadful Green. But, led by Neembelina, a cunning, devious, mischievous teensy (she’d be very cross had she known we’ve called her that), the simple Eel sets out for adventure nonetheless,  accompanied by an array of other strange and charming characters, such as: The Hobster who contemplates things, Neepytoo, a forest measle, who is a small fury creature with big watery eyes, the Witch (not a bad one, or a good one, just…a witch), Tiptoe, a blue-black haired girl, Sam, the shabby, blond-haired boy who resides in the smallest volcano in the world (not much bigger than a termite mound), and many more.


Setting out to find the Dreadful Green is only the beginning, as the unique cast of characters in FOREVERWHERE embark on further, somewhat random, adventures that take them deep into the realm of fantasy.


Inside the pages of FOREVERWHERE lies a magical, whimsical, fairytale world where you will find mushrooms the size of a house, and a house the size of a matchbox. But don’t be fooled!  In FOREVERWHERE any space can host any thing, big or small.  That matchbox, for instance, is a perfect place to stash your 3-legged table, an old hat, a birdcage with a missing door, bicycles with no wheels, and a fuzzy glove.  In FOREVERWHERE, there are butterflies whose wings are made of fiery flames that are as cold as ice


FORWEVERHWERE is an exceptional Alice in Wonderland meets Willie Wonka epic, 35,000 word fusion of imagination, humor, and innocence. The eccentric creatures of the FORWEVERHWERE world are a reflection of the wanderer, the wonderer, and the dreamer in all of us. It will thoroughly engage the Young Adult audience.

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