Short stories



What happens when a tree sprouts in Little O’s stomach after swallowing an orange seed (she did not listen to her father, Big O’s, heed), in the story Little O, or when Izzie Bloom, who lives in a 100 story-high house goes down to the basement to finally confront The Grum, who represents the “unknown” in the story, The Grum, or when a boy discovers a hole in his bedroom’s wall through which different places are seen every time he peeks through it, in The Hole In The Wall?  These and many other themes come together to form a cocktail of humorous, and intriguing assortment of short stories.


SHINY, TINY, LITTLE THINGS is everything but ordinary. This collection of unconventional ‘Dr. Seuss meets Shel Silverstein’ short stories, which I also illustrated, will allure all who seek to laugh and wonder and delve into whimsy worlds of fantasy.  In SHINY, TINY, LITTLE THINGS the world as we know it disappears. Imagination dictates an “anything is possible” reality in which a spec of dust meets a spider in the deep, dark, gloomy bowels of the vacuum cleaner, in the story The Binge. A fantastic world in which creatures like the Goople and the Ugly live in a biohazardous environment- a story that depicts an abusive relationship in which one ultimately finds the strength to leave- in the story The Ugly.