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Eating Disorders treatment put my family in heavy debt.  Download Parasite at the price of your choosing to help us recoup medical expenses and support future recordings.    

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June 26th, 2023, was my discharge date from Alsana, marking the conclusion of my 10-months in treatment, battling Anorexia. Fighting for my life. It was the day I finally began making my way back home. I found this date most fitting for releasing Parasite; a song that speaks of my immense fight with Anorexia. A song I began recording prior to treatment, while still entrapped in a dying body, and finished it from a different vantage point within a body that is learning life a new. I wrote "Parasite" as a dialogue with Edie (ED), representing the relentless grip that the eating disorder has on one's mind. The song was produced by Ethan Meltzer and Todd Wright, who elevated it to a whole new level of epicness, mastered by Mat Leffler-Schulman.

All songs, music, images, written word and content within this website Copyright (c) Nefrit El-Or

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