A musician at heart and author at soul, a street-side philosopher and an adept storyteller, a professional dreamer and an inventor of things - Nefrit El-Or is everything but conventional. 


Born in Israel, Nefrit grew up in a kibbutz- the stomping ground of her youth, where everyday life centered around art, imagination, nature and music- it was a milieu of inspiration that nourished future aspirations.


At a young age, Nefrit took to a plethora of artistic outlets including painting, creative writing and playing multiple instruments such as piano, recorder, flute, and oboe. At the age of 11 she began playing the acoustic guitar, and embarked upon composing, writing, and singing her own original songs. 


Nefrits interests span a multitude of areas that include physics, history, sociology, ethics and more. She has always been involved in athletics such as competitive swimming and running, and the practice of martial arts like Karate (achieving black belt level), and Capoeira- a Brazilian martial art.

Her passion for all things wild manifested at an early age, and while insect guides and bird guides alike where a favorite past time reading, the collecting of critters was a favorite applied avocation.  The family had to become accustomed to sharing their abode with owls, snakes, parrots, rabbits, stray dogs etc Acquiring a sideline job as a vet assistant in high school only made sense.


An art major in high school, Nefrit studied visual arts for 3 years- photography, oil painting, sculpturing etc, as well as studying the history and analyses of art.  After serving a service year in the Golan Heights, Nefrit moved to the US, to work as a counselor in a summer camp, with nothing but a backpack and a guitar. 


Nefrits last 11 years have been highlighted by creating and recording 3 music albums, touring with her band, and writing short, unconventional stories (both in Hebrew and in English) while also working on two novels.


Nefrit has recently finished her 3rd album, From Greater Heights, which includes fan favorites Beautiful Lies, Pretend, Bullet, Shiver, and the title track, From Greater Heights. Her debut album, Maya Blue, has gotten raving reviews at the Washington Post, Music Monthly, and other papers. Nefrit was also nominated for Wammie awards (Washington Area Music Association prize ceremony) in Best Rock Instrumentalist, Best Debut Album, and Best Rock Album.


Nefrit has performed in a wide spectrum of top-notch venues, festivals and conferences and her songs were aired at multiple radio stations.


Nefrit has also concluded her work on a multi-cultural fictional novel called Blahndo, which shifts between present and past and is reminiscent of the movie Big Fish in its use of exaggerated memories, a young-adult novel named Foreverwhere, which is a cross between Alice In Wonderland and Willy Wonka, and a collection of young adult, Dr. Seuss meets Shel Silverstein short stories (both in Hebrew and in English) which Nefrit also illustrated, called Shiny Tiny Little Things.


Today, Nefrit hopes to establish herself as a world-class musician and author, and to reach as wide of an audience as possible with her unique creations by placing her music on major films and commercials, in writing material for major artists, and in taking her music as far as possible. She hopes to publish her manuscripts and illustrations through major publishers.