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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

For Nefrit El-Or creation is like breathing.  It’s just something she must do in order to survive.  A prolific songstress, musician, author and illustrator Nefrit El-Or is always humming, typing, sketching, or strumming.  These days, under the dark influence of an illness that would rather see her dead, she finds therapy, inspiration and hope in her arts.  She is also continuously working on her novels, and blogs about her experience as a 2e autistic adult, and her journey of recovery from anorexia.


Hailing from a rural town in the country of Israel, Nefrit El-Or grew up playing instruments, taking care of animals, and participating in competitive sports such as swimming and martial arts (Karate and Brazilian Capoeira).  Nefrit moved to the United States in her early twenties and decided to make music her career.  She performed in clubs and festivals around the Washington, D.C. area and recorded 2 full albums, Maya Blue and From Greater Heights.  Her upcoming EP, Echoes, promises to be her biggest and most personal musical journey yet- one she is extremely excited to share with the world.

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